Pro-Worker Candidates Backed by LIUNA MN Statewide Digital Program

SAINT PAUL —  LIUNA Minnesota and North Dakota today announced a statewide mail and digital advertising campaign to reach nearly one million Minnesota voters. The program supports Governor Tim Walz, Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan, and LIUNA-endorsed candidates for state legislature.

As one of the largest political programs in Minnesota, LIUNA empowers voters to select candidates who will create jobs and improve Minnesota's roads, bridges, and water infrastructure. Throughout the mailers and digital ads, union Laborers endorse local candidates who stand up for workers and prioritize living wages over tax giveaways to the richest one percent and big corporations.

Joel Smith, President and Business Manager of LIUNA said, “LIUNA endorses candidates who we believe will serve the economic interests of LIUNA members and working people. We are proud to recommend and support candidates, both Democrats and Republicans, who will foster a fair economy, create good jobs and improve working people’s wages and benefits.”

In addition to mail and digital, the infrastructure union is also delivering a powerful field program. To date, union Laborers have completed thousands of conversations on the doors and phones in support of Labor-endorsed candidates.

LIUNA endorses candidates who are focused on:

  • Protecting working peoples’ freedom to negotiate fair pay and benefits
  • Creating family-sustaining jobs, including prevailing wages for construction workers
  • Providing guaranteed healthcare and retirement security
  • Advancing all workers’ freedom to prosper and care for their families




Chartered in 1968 by the Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA), LIUNA Minnesota and North Dakota is based in Saint Paul and serves the members, families and retirees of five Local Unions: Local 563 (Minneapolis-Saint Paul Metro, Mankato and Saint Cloud Areas and North Dakota); Local 405 (Rochester and Southeast Minnesota); Local 1091 (Duluth-Superior, Northeast Minnesota and Northwest Wisconsin); Local 1097 (Iron Range and Northern Minnesota); and Local 363 (City and County Employees Union of Minneapolis-Saint Paul and Greater Minnesota).


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