2024 Legislative Priorities

Join Laborers to tell our state leaders that every year is the year to keep up our infrastructure and create living wage construction careers.

Sign up for a day of action below to meet with your state lawmakers and tell them why you are concerned about safe and clean drinking water, fixing roads and bridges, clean energy jobs, broadband worker safety and preventing worker exploitation on publicly-financed housing projects. 

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Strengthen Safety for Broadband Workers and Infrastructure

Hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans lack reliable high-speed internet services. While Minnesota invests $1 billion in closing the digital divide, broadband workers face low wages, minimal benefits, inadequate training, and high turnover. Unsurprisingly, broadband installation is a leading cause of – damage to gas, electric, and other utility lines. The Legislature must require broadband companies to use a skilled workforce, hold companies responsible for unsafe practices, and target public investment toward projects that provide family-supporting jobs and are built to last.

Prevent Exploitation on Publicly Financed Housing Projects

Minnesota faces a critical shortage of affordable housing. State and local governments are stepping up to finance new projects. Still, too often, we see public money handed to irresponsible developers who build projects on the backs of vulnerable workers. The Legislature has a duty to protect construction workers by requiring developers that receive public funds to hire responsible contractors and prevent tax fraud, wage theft and exploitation.

Strengthen Worker Protections and Apprenticeship Pathways

Construction careers provide pathways to a better life for thousands of men and women whobuild Minnesota. Yet, for some, the opportunity feels out of reach, either because they come from communities that are underrepresented or because their employers underpay or cheat them. Despite recent progress, the Legislature can do more to strengthen labor laws, modernize apprenticeship standards, close misclassification loopholes, and leverage public investment to create more inclusive career pathways.

Catch Up and Keep Up Our Infrastructure

Communities across Minnesota urgently require infrastructure investment, beginning with failing wastewater treatment plants, lead service lines, and inadequate stormwater systems that threaten our public health and undermine local economies. Crumbling infrastructure will continue to hold communities back without ongoing action. Minnesotans are counting on bipartisan support for a balanced local jobs and projects bill that keeps up the momentum to fix our water systems, roads, bridges and public assets.

LIUNA Days of Action

Transportation Day at the Capitol

with the Minnesota Transportation Alliance



8 AM - 3 PM

LIUNA meet-up at MN AFL-CIO | 175 Aurora Ave, St Paul, MN 55103


Time TBD

LIUNA meet-up location TBD

Clean Energy Biz Day

with Clean Energy Economy Minnesota



Time TBD

LIUNA meet-up location TBD


10 AM - 11 AM

Minnesota State Capitol | 75 Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Saint Paul, MN 55155

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