A Fond Farewell to Sheldon Steele: A True Champion of LIUNA Local 405

After 26 years of dedicated service, we bid a bittersweet farewell to Sheldon Steele, the recently retired Business Manager of LIUNA Local 405. Sheldon's journey with our union has been inspirational, embodying the spirit of being a part of the Laborers' International Union of North America.

Sheldon's own words perfectly capture the essence of his LIUNA experience:

"26 years of working as a Union Laborer allowed me to enjoy a lifestyle that gave me everything I needed, and some wants also. Working as the Business Manager since 2018 was very fulfilling as I was able to work for my Brothers and Sisters, fighting for them and watching them enjoy a great career while having what I consider to be the best health coverage and pension in the Trades."

Sheldon's commitment to ensuring that Local 405 members had access to top-notch health coverage and pension benefits is a testament to his leadership and dedication.

Sheldon's impact goes beyond just the tangible benefits. He fostered a sense of community and solidarity among the members of Local 405, recognizing the power of unity in the face of challenges. He reminds us, "When LIUNA has your back, you're in a good spot."

Joel Smith, President and Business Manager of LIUNA Minnesota and North Dakota offers his own words of recognition:

"I would like to congratulate Sheldon on his retirement. Sheldon spent 26 years as a proud member of LIUNA. His dedication through those years lifting up the lives of all working men and women will be missed. As a Business Agent and Business Manager, Sheldon always fought for the best interests of the Brothers and Sisters of Local 405 and protected members' quality of life. Much credit is due to Sheldon for leaving Local 405 in a stronger position. Sheldon will be remembered as a humble person unwilling to take credit when credit was due."

As Sheldon steps into retirement, he leaves a legacy of strength, unity, and progress. Local 405, now entering its 106th year, stands as a testament to the hard work and dedication of members like Sheldon and all the brothers and sisters who continue to put in the effort day after day.

As we bid farewell to Sheldon Steele, we're excited to announce the next chapter in Local 405's leadership. Lorne Lundeen has been sworn in as the new Business Manager, ready to build upon the strong foundation laid by Sheldon. Alongside Lorne, we're pleased to welcome Jim Hall as the newly sworn-in Business Agent.

This transition in leadership marks a new era for Local 405, one that honors our past while looking confidently toward the future. We're confident that Lorne and Jim will continue to uphold the values and dedication that Sheldon exemplified throughout his tenure.

To Sheldon, we again express our deepest gratitude for your years of service. Enjoy your well-earned retirement, Sheldon. Your LIUNA family will miss you, but we'll continue to build on the strong foundation you've helped create. And to Lorne and Jim, we offer our warmest congratulations and full support as you take on these crucial roles in our union.

Jim Hall and Lorne Lundeen being sworn in by Dan Olson, LIUNA International Representative

(Left to right: Jim Hall and Lorne Lundeen being sworn in by Dan Olson, LIUNA International Representative.)

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