Minnesota’s Infrastructure Union Urges State Leaders to Seize the Moment, Forge a Future of Safe Infrastructure

December 6, 2023

Minnesota’s Infrastructure Union Urges State 
Leaders to Seize the Moment, Forge a Future of Safe Infrastructure

Saint Paul, MN – Today, the office of Minnesota Management and Budget announced a strong financial outlook for the upcoming year. According to the current budget forecast, a one-time surplus of $2.4 billion is expected.

Joel Smith, President and Business Manager of LIUNA Minnesota and North Dakota, released the following statement.

“The state surplus reaffirms the Walz Administration’s and Legislature’s budget decisions and historic investments in the people of Minnesota and our infrastructure. Our leaders have an opportunity to harness this one-time surplus funding strategically to address inadequate and unsafe critical transportation and water infrastructure in every corner of Minnesota. 

Continued investments in infrastructure, along with a large, balanced local jobs and projects bill, will provide much-needed assistance to communities throughout the state. Investments in statewide infrastructure should include robust funding for roads and bridges, and transformational investments in wastewater, drinking water, stormwater infrastructure, repairs to prevent infiltration, and the replacement of all lead service lines in the state.

The time to fix Minnesota’s infrastructure is now. State leaders must forge the future by building on the progress to meet the need for water and transportation infrastructure.”


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