Fix Minnesota's Infrastructure


Over 600 Minnesota bridges are structurally deficient and thousands of miles of roads are in poor condition. This costs the average Minnesotan more than $1,000 a year in gas, lost time and car repairs. 

In October 2018, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) graded Minnesota’s roads a ‘D+’, bridges a ‘C’ and transit a ‘C-‘; a 'C-' for drinking water and a 'C' for wastewater infrastructure. Minnesotans deserve better. Check out Minnesota’s Infrastructure Report Card here.

The Legislature needs to pass a comprehensive, long-term transportation funding package that includes funding for roads and highways, bridges and transportation infrastructure throughout Minnesota. Any transportation funding package must be balanced across transportation modes and between Greater Minnesota and the Twin Cities Metro, must be long-term and sustainable and must be dedicated to transportation systems.

“With over $5 billion of needs … when will we ever catch up?”  - Rep. Mary Murphy (HF2529 Bill Sponsor, DFL-Hermantown)

Across the state, there is more than $5 billion worth of community infrastructure that requires repair, enhancement or new construction.  State lawmakers have failed to reach an agreement on a bonding bill to adequately preserve and rebuild our roads, bridges and water systems. Year after year, more infrastructure projects are put on hold -- leaving communities across the state with old leaky pipes, pothole-ridden streets, inequitable access to the internet and a lack of other basic utilities.