It’s Walz or Wisconsin

Tim Walz and Peggy Fanagan

Tim Walz & Peggy Flanagan support working people. They will keep moving Minnesota forward by:

  • Making healthcare more affordable & accessible with a strong public option for any Minnesotan who wants it
  • Improving our schools by investing in our kids & supporting universal Pre-K & smaller class sizes
  • Creating tens of thousands of family-supporting jobs by fixing our roads, bridges & transportation infrastructure

Jeff Johnson wants to turn Minnesota into Wisconsin, where attacks on working people have cost jobs and held down wages. We cannot let the big corporations and CEOs do to Minnesota what they have done to Wisconsin. It’s Walz or Wisconsin.

Please vote for Tim Walz & Peggy Flanagan on Tuesday, November 6.

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Tim Walz & Peggy Flanagan: For Working People
Tim Walz
Tim Walz grew up in a small town in Nebraska. Small town life & working on family farms each summer taught him fundamental lessons about the importance of family & the value of hard work. Tim served 24 years in the Army National Guard & as an award-winning teacher & champion football coach at Mankato West High School. He serves on the Agriculture & Veterans’ Affairs committees in Congress. His accomplishments include working on the Farm Bill, Lewis & Clark Regional Water System, Highway 14, STOCK Act (a bill that limits insider trading) & Suicide Prevention for American Veterans Act. Tim lives in Mankato with his wife Gwen, daughter Hope & son Gus.
Peggy Flanagan
Peggy Flanagan is a citizen of the White Earth Nation of Ojibwe, grew up & lives in St. Louis Park with her daughter Siobhan. She served as an organizer for U.S. Senator Paul Wellstone & Executive Director of the Children’s Defense Fund, where she co-chaired the Raise the Wage coalition, the successful campaign to raise Minnesota's minimum wage for the first time in nearly a decade. In the State House of Representatives, Peggy serves as DFL lead on the Subcommittee on Child Care Access & Affordability.
Where do Tim & Peggy stand on our issues?
Walz vs Pawlenty

Tim Walz is a teacher & coach, served 24 years in the Army National Guard & is a champion for working people.

Peggy Flanagan is an advocate & champion for children & families.

Jobs & Economy

Walz & Flanagan will keep moving Minnesota forward by creating tens of thousands of family-supporting jobs, raising wages & building an economy that works for every Minnesotan. They will invest in working people & infrastructure, including transportation & water
systems, housing & local, renewable energy jobs. [ & LIUNA Candidate Questionnaire]

Roads, Bridges & Transportation Infrastructure

 Walz & Flanagan will prioritize fixing Minnesota's roads, bridges & transportation infrastructure by securing long-term, stable funding.
[ & LIUNA Candidate Questionnaire]


Tim Walz is a 20-year high school classroom teacher & knows what it takes to improve our schools. Walz & Flanagan will fully & fairly fund our schools. They support universal Pre-K for our kids & giving every Minnesotan a shot at higher education, providing 2 years tuition free education at Minnesota state institutions for individuals
whose families make less than $125K a year. [ & LIUNA Candidate Questionnaire]


Walz & Flanagan will make healthcare more affordable & accessible by taking immediate action to control costs & providing all Minnesotans the option to buy into
[ & LIUNA Candidate Questionnaire] 

Freedom to Join Together in Unions

Walz & Flanagan strongly support workers’ freedom to join together in unions & negotiate a fair return on work so we can provide for our families.
[ & LIUNA Candidate Questionnaire] 

Fair Wages

Walz & Flanagan support increasing the minimum wage to $15 & will protect & expand prevailing wage laws that ensure a family-supporting wage for construction workers.
[LIUNA Candidate Questionnaire] 

Project Labor Agreements (PLAs)

Walz & Flanagan support using PLAs to ensure publicly-funded construction projects are built on-time & on-budget using skilled labor. [LIUNA Candidate Questionnaire] 


Vote Tuesday, November 6th!

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