It’s Walz or Wisconsin

Tim Walz and Peggy Fanagan

Minnesota’s working people can count on Tim Walz & Peggy Flanagan to protect our freedom to join together in unions and our freedom to prosper.

We can count on Tim & Peggy to create family-supporting jobs, invest in education, make healthcare more affordable & accessible, & fix Minnesota’s infrastructure.

We cannot let the big corporations & CEOs do to Minnesota what they have done to Wisconsin: It’s Walz or Wisconsin.

Tim Walz & Peggy Flanagan: For Working People
Tim Walz
Tim Walz grew up in a small town in Nebraska. Small town life & working on family farms each summer taught him fundamental lessons about the importance of family & the value of hard work. Tim served 24 years in the Army National Guard & as an award-winning teacher & champion football coach at Mankato West High School. He serves on the Agriculture & Veterans’ Affairs committees in Congress. His accomplishments include working on the Farm Bill, Lewis & Clark Regional Water System, Highway 14, STOCK Act (a bill that limits insider trading) & Suicide Prevention for American Veterans Act. Tim lives in Mankato with his wife Gwen, daughter Hope & son Gus.
Peggy Flanagan
Peggy Flanagan is a citizen of the White Earth Nation of Ojibwe, grew up & lives in St. Louis Park with her daughter Siobhan. She served as an organizer for U.S. Senator Paul Wellstone & Executive Director of the Children’s Defense Fund, where she co-chaired the Raise the Wage coalition, the successful campaign to raise Minnesota's minimum wage for the first time in nearly a decade. In the State House of Representatives, Peggy serves as DFL lead on the Subcommittee on Child Care Access & Affordability.
Where do the candidates stand on our issues?
Walz vs Pawlenty

Tim Walz is a teacher & coach, served 24 years in the Army National Guard & is a champion for working people.

Peggy Flanagan is an advocate & champion for children & families.

Tim Pawlenty served as Governor from 2003-2010 & was a top Wall Street lobbyist. 

Jobs & Economy

Walz & Flanagan will keep moving Minnesota forward by creating tens of thousands of family-supporting jobs, raising wages & building an economy that works for every Minnesotan. They will invest in working people & infrastructure, including transportation & water
systems, housing & local, renewable energy jobs. [ & LIUNA Candidate Questionnaire]

Pawlenty wants to turn Minnesota into Wisconsin, where attacks on working people have cost jobs & held down wages. As Governor, Pawlenty prioritized tax cuts for the rich & vetoed 7 economic development bills & 4 infrastructure bonding bills costing us tens of thousands of jobs, at a time of record unemployment.
[Minnesota Public Radio, 11/30/09; Associated Press, 5/8/09; Star Tribune (Minneapolis, MN), 5/8/09; &, 2003-2010]

Roads, Bridges & Transportation Infrastructure

 Walz & Flanagan will prioritize fixing Minnesota's roads, bridges & transportation infrastructure by securing long-term, stable funding.
[ & LIUNA Candidate Questionnaire]

As Governor, Pawlenty neglected Minnesota’s roads, bridges & transportation infrastructure. He didn’t even spend the federal funds that were available to repair the I-35W bridge before its tragic collapse. Pawlenty vetoed 3 comprehensive transportation funding bills, even after the I-35W bridge collapse. [, 2/10/10; Editorial, Star Tribune, 5/25/07; Star Tribune, 5/23/07; St. Paul Pioneer Press, 2/25/08; Star Tribune, 7/17/08; Star Tribune, 10/9/07; &, 2003-2010] 


Tim Walz is a 20-year high school classroom teacher & knows what it takes to improve our schools. Walz & Flanagan will fully & fairly fund our schools. They support universal Pre-K for our kids & giving every Minnesotan a shot at higher education, providing 2 years tuition free education at Minnesota state institutions for individuals
whose families make less than $125K a year. [ & LIUNA Candidate Questionnaire]

Pawlenty will cut funding from public schools & shortchange our students. Pawlenty cut $185 million from K-12, which laid off thousands of teachers, & cut $386 million from higher education —at the same time that college tuition costs increased by 33%. [Editorial, Star Tribune, 5/26/03;, 8/27/10; St. Paul Pioneer Press, 5/20/03; Minnesota Office of Higher Education, Average Annual Full-time Undergraduate Resident Tuition & Fees, accessed 11/11/10]


Walz & Flanagan will make healthcare more affordable & accessible by taking immediate action to control costs & providing all Minnesotans the option to buy into
[ & LIUNA Candidate Questionnaire] 

Pawlenty will make healthcare here worse. While he was governor, the number of uninsured grew by 50%, & insurance premiums went through the roof. He also tried to cut healthcare coverage for children & seniors on fixed incomes, something he still supports. [MN Dept of Health Fact Sheet, January 2011, & Issue Brief, August 2006; Press Release, FamiliesUSA, 9/17/08; An Overview of Governor Pawlenty's FY 2010-11 Budget Recommendations (no. 09.02), Page 41; & St. Paul Pioneer Press, 6/16/09] 

Freedom to Join Together in Unions

Walz & Flanagan strongly support workers’ freedom to join together in unions & negotiate a fair return on work so we can provide for our families.
[ & LIUNA Candidate Questionnaire] 

Pawlenty strongly supports so-called "Right to Work" laws that have driven down wages in Wisconsin. The laws take away our freedom to join together in unions & negotiate a fair return on our work. [CNN, 06/13/11] 

Fair Wages

Walz & Flanagan support increasing the minimum wage to $15 & will protect & expand prevailing wage laws that ensure a family-supporting wage for construction workers.
[LIUNA Candidate Questionnaire] 

Pawenty opposes prevailing wage laws. He voted to cut construction workers' pay by eliminating prevailing wage protections & lowering
apprentice wages. [Amendment (Betterman), HF 2163, 4/25/97, MN Dept of Labor & Industry rule change, September, 2006]

Project Labor Agreements (PLAs)

Walz & Flanagan support using PLAs to ensure publicly-funded construction projects are built on-time & on-budget using skilled labor. [LIUNA Candidate Questionnaire] 

Pawlenty opposes PLAs. He issued an Executive Order banning PLAs. [Finance and Commerce (Minneapolis, MN), 11/22/05] 


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