Oct 24 2018

By Daniel J. Enga, CPFC, Sand Creek Workplace Wellness

The Sand Creek EAP benefit available to all eligible MN Laborers offers you and your covered family members a FREE tobacco cessation program that is tailored to address your individual history of tobacco use and your current needs. Whatever your circumstances, you may not be quite ready to quit; you are ready to quit and are looking for direction and support; or you may be at the point of wanting support to remain tobacco-free – this program can help! The Sand Creek program will answer your questions and prepare you to navigate through the quit process with our ongoing support, whenever you are ready to move forward. Our program also includes a tobacco relapse prevention plan. We want to give you the tools and the support you need to initially succeed and to remain successful over time. Even with relapse, it’s a process. You haven’t failed as long as you are working on quitting - again.

This program is designed and delivered by Dr. Yael Rubin, a doctoral-level psychologist and Sand Creek clinical consultant who did her graduate research work in the field of tobacco cessation. The program is based on a four-hour model of service that can be divided up into shorter or longer telephonic support/counseling sessions according to your specific needs. Our goal is to tailor your EAP benefit to provide you with the education, direction and support you need to be successful in quitting your use of tobacco products and in maintaining your abstinence from tobacco products over the long haul.

The Sand Creek tobacco cessation program is part of the union-sponsored “Pick 3, Get 1” campaign. It is one huge wellness step that gets you closer to a new pair of work boots at no cost to you, as well as much closer to improved health and wellbeing! You and your family members will benefit from your successful completion of this action step.

For more information about the tobacco cessation program or to get started, please contact Sand Creek – your Employee/ Member Assistance Program. We can be reached at 651-430-3383.