Minnesota PUC Denies Stay Motion for Line 3 Replacement Project

Dec 4 2020

Saint Paul, MN – Today, LIUNA Minnesota and North Dakota released the following statement by Kevin Pranis, Marketing Manager, following the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission’s  (MPUC) denial of a motion to stay a previous order approving construction of the Line 3 Replacement Project. 

“The MPUC reaffirmed that the extensive record of evidence in the Line 3 Replacement project makes clear that replacing a deteriorated pipeline will protect environmental and tribal resources better than any other available alternatives, including taking no action as proposed by the stay.

“LIUNA thanks the MPUC Commissioners for considering the harmful impact granting a stay would have on the estimated 1,000 tradesmen and women currently working on Line 3, including 300 LIUNA members.

“Allegations that this project could increase COVID-19 spread across the state are particularly speculative and disrespectful to our members who work in the construction industry, which has proven itself to be capable of operating safely —  sustaining the state’s economy and ensuring the continuation of health coverage for tens of thousands of families.”

Governor Tim Walz has designated construction as a “critical sector” that should continue to operate during the pandemic. Pipeline workers are deemed “critical infrastructure” workers.