Vote for the leaders who share our values & priorities & put working people first.

  • Focusing on creating family-supporting jobs, opportunity & justice for all.

  • Rebuilding our streets & bridges & transit infastructure.

  • Delivering high quality & efficient city services


Let’s Protect & Invest in Our Parks – For All of Us!

Our parks are one of the best things about living in Minneapolis. They provide a break from the hectic pace of life & a refuge for spending time with family & friends.

But everybody knows that our parks need a little TLC right now. That's why we support candidates who will protect & invest in our parks - for all of us!

  • Repair park buildings & other infastructure at neighborhood parks.
  • Keep our parks public & open to everyone instead of selling them off to big corporations & special interests.
  • Make our Park Board more responsive to park users & our communities.
  • Ensure families in every neighborhood have great parks & programming by investing in our neighborhood parks infastructure